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Über Uns

FUSE-AI Specialists for Artificial Intelligence

We are the service provider of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Image Recognition in Healthcare. 
Fuse-AI-Software functions on the basis of self-learning Algorithms (Deep Learning). Its objective is, to supplement the capacities, tasks and competences of a physician. Thereby, not only can the processes in healthcare be shortened, but also can the quality of diagnosis and treatment be optimized.


Matthias Steffen


  • 30 years of experience in Communication and Softwaredevelopment
  • Founder of digital communications agency FUSE in 1996
  • Founder of the FUSE-Healthcare Unit 2011


  • Extensive experience in Keynotes for DEUTSCHE TELEKOM
  • Co-organizer of Medical App Award 2016 (with Life Science Nord) 


  • Customer Service for: Auswärtiges Amt, Asklepios, Almirall, Allergopharma, Apotheker Verband, Deutsche Telekom, KPMG, Olympus Medical

Maximilian Waschka


  • Very good contacts to companies and start-ups, working with Deep Learning Technology in London, San Francisco and Germany
  • Extensive Knowledge in Account and Product Management


  • Extensive knowledge of Business Models for Implementation and Development of Deep Learning Algorithms and Embedded Vision Systems (especially in Healthcare)


  • Bachelor of Cultural Studies (Media- and Cultural-Technologies; Art and Visual Culture)

Dr. Sabrina Reimers-Kipping


  • Graduated biochemist with academic training in business administration and
  • Passion for data-driven (economic) decisions and the possibility to improve health care with artificial intelligence solutions


  • 6 years experience in medical basic research with focus on molecular and cell biology
  • 3 years experience in marketing and business development in the life science sector


  • Participating in Bachelors program for business administration and marketing

Dirk Schäfer


  • PhD candidate in AI/machine learning: preference learning
  • Passion for machine learning methods in healthcare


  • More than ten years experience in the area of biologically inspired computing
  • Extensive experience in the field of software engineering, systems architecture (DevOps)


  • Diploma in computer science (University of Marburg, Germany): focus on knowledge discovery in databases

Simone Richter-Harrane


  • Data Protection Officer (TÜV cert.)
  • Extensive experience in corporate finance and controlling in different industries assisting CEOs and Board of Directors.


  • Profound planning competence working as a management consultant, focus on future-driven lean-management and QM as well as M&A.
  • International employment: Spain, Morocco and Germany


  • Experience in a wide variety of fields, with a strong focus on strategic and organizational development.

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