Monthly Archives: July 2016

Interview with Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Jens K. Habermann

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Jens K. Habermann is Commissioner of the Presidium, Interdisciplinary Center for Biobanking-Lübeck (ICB-L) & Director, Section Translational Surgical Oncology and Biobanks, University Lübeck and UKSH, Campus Lübeck. Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Jens K. Habermann on... ... therapy recommendations on the basis of Artificial Intelligence ... how the Healthcare System can profit…
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Introduction to Deep Learning by two pioneers in the field

Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu and associate professor at Harvard University gives an online lecture on Deep Learning. This is a very innovative media form and gives great insights into Deep Learning. Michael Nielsen is a scientist and programmer, who published several works on quantum physics and quantum computers. Quantum computers could be…
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