What is important when filing a patent application

What is important when filing a patent application

2023-01-23 We have received the good message from our lawyer: No more obstacles exist to filing our patent application. The following key points must be considered when filing a patent application:

Examination of patentability: before filing a patent application, it is important to make sure that the invention is a patentable invention. This includes ensuring that the invention is new and non-obvious.
Scope of the claims: making the claims as precise as possible is important to ensure that you receive the coverage you request.
Formal Requirements: Some formal requirements exist for patent applications, for example, identifying the inventor and characterizing the invention in a way that is disclosable.
Costs: patent applications may be expensive, and therefore the costs should be considered in advance.
International protection options: An important fact to know is that patents are usually valid for use only inside the territorial jurisdiction of a specified country. When in need of international protection, it is important to learn about the options for international patent applications.

In summary, to apply for a patent for medical software, the criteria are the same as for a patent application for any other technology. These include in particular:

Novelty: The invention must not have been publicly known or sold before the application.
Unforeseeability: The invention must not be obvious to anyone with expertise in the field.
Applicability: The invention must have a technical character and not be based on purely theoretical knowledge or mathematical formulae.
Disclosure: The invention must be disclosed in such a way that it can be understood by someone skilled in the art.
Claim drafting: the claim to the invention must be precisely formulated.
Usability: the invention must be capable of industrial application.

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