FUSE-AI takes off

FUSE-AI takes off

09-13-2022 Global distribution launched at the G20 Digital Innovation Network

The G20 Digital Innovation Network is a high-level forum for sharing knowledge, fostering discussion, and building partnerships between global innovation players. It aims to serve as a bridge for cooperation between different players at the global level.
For the last meeting in Bali at the beginning of September, the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) nominated five German start-ups, including the Hamburg-based AI experts from FUSE-AI. This gave Dr Sabrina Reimers-Kipping, Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs, and Juri Rohde, Head of Regulatory & Operations, the opportunity to represent Germany as the only delegates from the health industry.

A solution that inspired
The two brought the AI-based assistance software Prostate.Carcinoma.ai with them to Indonesia. "The software provides reliable and reproducible segmentation of the prostate, prostate zones and suspicious lesions. It determines exact prostate and lesion volumes as well as region-of-interest (ROI) coordinates," Dr Reimers-Kipping explains the software. It can be seamlessly integrated into all image data management and diagnostic systems. The ISO 13458 and MDSAP certified plug-in solution will be routinely available to users from the beginning of 2023.
Prostate.Carcinoma.ai also convinced the jury in Indonesia. "They were enthusiastic about the technology, the positioning and the market fit of our AI software," says Rohde. FUSE-AI used this praise as the starting signal for international sales in Southeast Asia. "We had the great opportunity to present ourselves to the key innovation players and policy makers of the G20 countries on a global stage and established new interesting contacts with investors and relevant companies. This lays the foundation for a successful market entry," Dr. Sabrina Reimers-Kipping is pleased to report.

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