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Jeff Dean @ “Embedded Vision Summit” in San Francisco

Jeff Dean (Co-Founder of Google Deep Mind) on: -Why deep neural networks? -Examples of using these for solving real problems -TensorFlow: software infrastructure Google uses Deep Learning algorithms for almost every service they offer (Speech recognition, Maps etc.) See Video here:
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Jeff Bier’s assessment on Embedded Vision Systems in Healthcare

I just had a little chat with Jeff Bier, the founder of Embedded Vision and asked him, how he estimates the chances of intelligent image recognition in healthcare. He says it is possible to achive similar success rates as for example the "Inception v-3 (Arxiv)", with a data set, that is big enough in combination…
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Nauto @ Embedded Vision Summit, SF

"Making existing cars smart via embedded vision and deep Learning", Dr. Stefan Heck, CEO at Nauto Dr. Stefan Heck explains how risks can be reduced and how car traffic can become more efficient in general with Image recognition and Deep Learning. Problems like accidents, parking, insurance costs, usage of streets can be easily improved.…
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Fuse’ Journey into VR

For the first time, we tested VR-technology in our office! You've gotta watch our little video on the topic! [KGVID][/KGVID]  
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DeskGen @ “Deep Learning in Healthcare” by Reworks

Live from the Rework Conference in London: CRISPR is a method, that allows changing the sequence of the Genom. Therefor, it enables changing the specific sequence of DNA, that transfers a disease like caner. Here is a Podcast on the topic: Certain cases of leukemia and cancer have been cured with this method. Destkop Genentics…
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Heurolabs @ “Deep Learning in Healthcare” by Reworks

Heurolabs provides individual models for Deep Learning Algorithms. We got in contact with them, after the keynote of founder and CEO Mohamed Sayed. Together we could develop Apps, that provide Intelligent Image Recognition.
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